Largest Residential Projects + City National Bank Economic Market Update

Focus on Ventura County’s biggest residential projects (plus City National Bank’s Market & Economic Update)!

There are numerous residential development projects planned throughout Ventura County. We have seen a significant increase in the planning of new senior residential communities, mixed-use facilities, and large and mid-scale residential development projects. Many of the current developments are ranging from 20-300 residential units in size, Camarillo with approximately seventeen, and Oxnard having approximately twenty-three of these sized projects.

Below we highlight the largest developments on the horizon, greater than 300 units.


California’s Newest Urban Village- Wagon Wheel Junction- Oxnard, CA

The 63-acre, $450 million Wagon Wheel Village project at Wagon Wheel and Hwy 101 will put about 1,500 housing units, including 120 affordable housing units, and 50,000 square feet of commercial space in the area. Full buildout will feature 559 Condos and 941 rental homes, with many built over retail which will feature unique restaurants and shop space. 

Santa Paula

East Area One Specific Plan- 1,500 Units

Phase One of the plan will include about 640 homes, several commercial buildings, a school for kindergartners through eighth-graders and at least part of a 38-acre community park with sports fields.


Three different projects totaling over 1,500 units outlined below

Carlsberg Specific Plan

500 acres in the southeastern portion of the Moorpark. The plan includes 534 single-family homes, consists of 40 acres for commercial use, 33 acres for office / business park use. There is a 29 acre school and seven acres for institutional use.

Moorpark Highlands

450 single-family residential lots and one multi-family neighborhood proposed for up to 102 units, on property located east of Walnut Canyon Road (SR-23). The project permanently preserves 169 acres of land in a Habitat Conservation Plan, providing open space that enhances the habitat within 94 of those acres, and provides multi-use trails for access to these areas by the public.

Hitch Ranch

A request is currently in process for a 281 acre specific plan that would include development of up to 620 dwelling units and three acres of institutional use, located north of the Union Pacific Railroad, west of Walnut Canyon Road (Highway 23), and generally east of Gabbert Road.


Earlier this week, Pam Scott and Al Segal were invited to attend the City National Bank’s luncheon given by Leo Hamil, along with Annemarie Cole, to see the economist Paul Single discuss the national market and economic forecast. We found it very interesting and informative. Attached below are copies of the reports.

Economic Perspectives

Market and Economic Update

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