Ways A Real Estate Broker Saves You Money! 

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August 8,  2018

Why A Real Estate Broker Saves You Money! 

There are several significant ways that a real estate broker ends up saving a Seller, Lessor, Buyer, or Tenant money during the real estate selling or leasing process.

The single best way for an owner to maximize value is to select an experienced brokerage specialist—and there are many benefits to doing so! Investment specialists utilize their extensive experience and knowledge to track the market and make accurate judgments about the value of a property. Retail specialists bring an entire arsenal of creativity, tenant relationships and knowledge, tenant broker knowledge, and local jurisdictional experience to the hands of their clients.  “We know which tenants are expanding, and which aren’t.  And we understand the business points in the lease that a retailer will attempt to negotiate.”

Commercial brokerage is hard and complicated work—but we at GPS relish the challenges and enjoy the personal satisfaction of assisting clients.

Ways a Broker Saves the Seller Money

  • Provides real marketplace knowledge to help the Seller assess the right pricing for the property’s sale.
  • Brokers knowledge of the market ensures the Seller, he will not be selling for less than a fair market value.
  • Using their experience and knowledge of what is customary in a transaction, the Broker can advise the Seller when to accept or reject parts of a proposal or during the escrow process.

Ways a Broker Saves The Buyer Money

  • With their knowledge of the local market, the Broker can advise the Buyer of the market rate to eliminate the risk of overpaying. 
  • The Broker can assist in obtaining the most desirable terms from the purchase agreement since they have seen terms of many purchase agreements.
  • Once committed to a Broker, the Buyer becomes equipped with a history of experience and a community network that is invaluable in finding the options that are available to purchase.


Ways a Broker Saves The Lessor Money

  • The Broker understands the business points in the lease that a retailer will attempt to negotiate and can use this knowledge to negotiate terms to the Lessor’s favor.
  • The Broker knows lease terms and can advise the Lessor on how to structure the lease terms to add the most value to their investment.
  • The Broker has market knowledge of tenant activity so can go directly and more quickly to all possible prospects.

Ways a Broker Saves the Lessee Money

  • Provides Lessee with market acceptable terms in their negotiations that will save money immediately and over the long run.
  • A broker can provide Lessee with knowledge of local gross sales of similar businesses and acute knowledge of traffic patterns in the local community
  •  With a specialist in retail, they can know the best locations in the area and when an opportunity arises, contact you immediately.



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